Media Relations

Positioning, identification of exposure opportunities, dissemination and relationship with the media vehicles.

Crisis management

Risk mapping, prevention, monitoring, consulting and crisis management both in media, in digital environments and with stakeholders.

Influencers mapping

Identification and strategic planning for relationship with digital influencers and also opinion makers from offline environments, such as companies, associations, entities and others.

Content development

Development of inbound marketing projects and editorial products for internal communications and with strategic audiences, such house organs, magazines, websites, intranets, newsletters, social reports and others.

Survey and analysis

Image auditing, sector, policy and macroeconomic analysis, media exposure quality verification, key-messages adherence indicator and methodology development for exposure targets.


Media training, language coaching techniques for executives, politicians and workforce for positioning messages during presentations, meetings, lectures, conferences and contacts with the media.

Awards and recognitions management

Mapping and management of awards and recognitions of company’s industry. This service includes the collection of information, development of cases, registration, attendance of events and awards ceremonies.